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Why should you use ReactJS and NodeJS together to build Robust Web App?

Posted On June 2, 2023

Why should you use ReactJS and NodeJS together to build Robust Web App?

Organising your code efficiently when developing a full-stack web application software from scratch can be challenging. Operating advanced and high-target web applications like Prime videos, Showmax and Netflix will provide insight into how their simple interface is surrounded by complex elements and features designated by a robust back end.

When building web applications, consider your database, routing system, and business logic as they all function together. But how? Building a web application entails developing a captivating front that keeps your users committed to your app. It is also about building a strong backend that supports and ensures the smooth performance of your web application.

This article will explain further why you should use ReactJs and NodeJs- two efficient tools in JavaScript in developing an entire web app from scratch.

What makes ReactJs better?

The ReactJs framework is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing interactive user interfaces and web applications effectively, efficiently and quickly with particularly less code than you would need with vanilla JavaScript. Why use ReactJs? It is competent in making API calls and transmitting the request to the backend directly dealing with the data. ReactJs cannot process the data source or the database itself. However, it organizes complex UIs from tiny and secluded chunks of declarative code called “components”. Some benefits of ReactJs include the following;

  • Fastness: The web applications made in ReactJs can handle complex updates and are quick and responsive.
  • Modularity: ReactJs is a captivating solution for visibility problems on JavaScript. It permits you to write multiple tinier, reusable files instead of big, dense files of code.
  • Scalability: ReactJs performs better in the case of big programs that exhibit a lot of data modifications.
    Flexibility: ReactJs adjusts differently by categorizing itself into various components while building user interfaces. This characteristic is essential in the modification of large web applications.
  • Server-side rendering and SEO-friendly ReactJs web applications are known for their server-side provoking characteristics. It makes apps much better for search engine ranking than derivatives with client-side rendering. ReactJs creates more chances for website SEO and can inhabit higher positions on the search result’s page.

ReactJS offers better performance than other JavaScript languages due to its implementation of a virtual DOM. It is easy to learn because it needs a little awareness of HTML and JavaScript. Its reusable UI elements improve debugging and development processes. It can be used for both the front end and back end.

What makes NodeJs better?

NodeJs is an open-source program that allows users to utilize, study, modify, and distribute the software and its source code to any other user for any purpose they see fit. It is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime setting and library for operating web applications outside the client's browser. Nodejs is faster and used to assemble both user and server-side web applications because it can handle increased memory needs. Node.js can be written in Javascript, C, and C++. It has a vast list of features it offers like;

  • Scalability: NodeJs, being single-threaded, offers extensive scalability for web applications. It is proficient in overseeing many concurrent connections with high throughput.
  • Easy: Node.js is perfectly easy, to begin with. It is an ideal option for web development beginners. With many tutorials and a large community, starting up is easy.
  • Multi-platform: Cross-platform support permits you to use NodeJs to develop desktop, mobile, and SaaS websites.
  • Maintainable: NodeJs is a maintainable option for developers since both the frontend and backend can be operated with JavaScript as one language.

NodeJs can be applied in some use cases like data streaming on Netflix, the internet of things, real-time chats, REST API-based applications and complex single-page applications. It can also be used for both the frontend and backend.

Why combine both ReactJs and NodeJs in building a Robust Web App?

Combining ReactJs and NodeJs for developing a Robust web application has different perks. They include;

  • Organized Process

The blend of ReactJs development and NodeJs can help arrange the web app development procedure. You can develop highly useful websites and web applications with these fast, effective technologies that can improve performance in reaction to modifications in web application and system processing requirements.

  • Improved Utilization of JavaScript

The combination of ReactJs and NodeJs qualifies developers to utilise the full potency of JavaScript for developing the frontend and backend codes. It provides more comfort and convenience to web developers as they can resort to one language for various facets of web application development.

  • High Server Load

Utilizing both ReactJs and NodeJs can stabilize high server requests and load easily when the web developer needs to work on web application development.

  • Single Language

Developers do not need to understand complex backend languages like Ruby and Python when they can combine ReactJs and NodeJs. It helps conserve money, resources and time by using ReactJs and NodeJs for both frontend and server-side development. This process can be carried out without modifying the programming languages and frameworks.


React Js has been relevant to NodeJs development companies the same way as NodeJs worked hand in hand with ReactJs companies to build top-notch websites and web applications.

Modern web app development demands the essential roles of ReactJs and NodeJs. Many web developers combine ReactJs with Node JS to develop highly efficient, performing and element-rich full-stack web applications. Nonetheless, different languages have thrived as a resort to JavaScript, but it remains the top option among the web developer community due to its versatility.