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Why Choose CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework that provides many features for developers to build a modern, full-featured web application.
Superior Data Handling

Built-in libraries

CodeIgniter has built-in libraries that developers can create for their specific tasks to enhance the development speed of your application. These tasks include input validation, session management, writing modular, clean, or reusable code, etc.


MVC Architecture

CodeIgniter relies on a developmental pattern that separates your application into three components; Model- View- Controller. These components provide a structured way to build your application and split the issues of data retrieval, data presentation, and user interaction.

Front-end & Back-end Development

Easy Bug Resolution

CodeIgniter has tools and methodologies for the early detection, faster, and seamless resolution of bugs. Furthermore, the earlier resolution of bugs through indicators enhances the delivery of a higher-quality application at a low cost.

Low Development Cost

Simple Coding Norms

CodeIgniter has easy coding standards that dictate how code should be formatted and written to provide consistency, readability, maintainability, and portability. These norms cover security, indentation, variable naming convention, commenting, and code structure.

High Speed

High Security

CodeIgniter has XSS filtering security. This filter will deter any malicious code that hijacks cookies and performs malicious activities on your application.

Real-Time Web Apps

Easy to Customize

CodeIgniter has features like; Third-party plugins, hooks, and built-in libraries that make it a flexible and lightweight framework that can be customizable and configurable to your different needs and preferences on your application.

Our Expertise in Codeigniter Development Services

At Nyusoft, we specialize in providing high-quality Codeigniter development services to our clients, leveraging our proficiency to deliver a robust web application.
Node.js Consulting

Custom Codeigniter Programming

Our skilled developers can customize CodeIgniter applications to suit your business needs. We provide CodeIgniter custom-made services that allow you to modify and migrate existing web applications to align with your specific needs and optimize performance.

Node.js Plug-ins Development

Codeigniter Shopping Cart Development

Our CodeIgniter development company provides shopping cart development services. Our team of experts can easily build and manage shopping carts and integrate payment gateways for your web applications. We leverage the inbuilt library features that provide functions that enable us to improve performance, like adding, removing, and calculating the total price of items in a cart.

API Development and Integration

Codeigniter Application Development

We specialize in developing custom-made applications tailored to our client's preferences. Our expert CodeIgniter developers are proficient and dedicated to delivering flexible, secure, scalable, and top-notch applications that suit your needs.

Application Migration

Codeigniter Product Development

At Nyusoft, our CodeIgniter development agency is skilled in planning, designing, coding, testing, and deploying flexible and robust websites and applications using the CodeIgniter framework. We understand and can utilize CodeIgniter features to develop high-quality products.

Real-Time Apps

Codeigniter module/plugin Development

We are proficient in developing CodeIgniter-based modules and plugins to extend the functionality of your applications and websites. Our CodeIgniter developers can assist you in integrating modules and plugins into your CodeIgniter applications to add unique features or improve the existing ones.

Product Support and Maintenance

Codeigniter Maintenance & Support

Our CodeIgniter development company provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure optimal functionality, security, and longevity of your website and web app. Our CodeIgniter developers are always available to identify and rectify issues that arise and perform upgrades.

Our Achievement as a Codeigniter Development Company


Bespoke CodeIgniter-based Web Apps.


100+ projects completed.


95% Timely delivery.


24/7 hrs Maintenance and support.


Catered to Clients Globally.


Team of expert developers.

Hire us for Dedicated Codeigniter Development Services

At NyuSoft, we provide dedicated CodeIgniter developers committed to building outstanding, scalable, flexible, and quality web applications that suit your requirements. Here are some of the benefits of hiring our team.
End-to-End Support

Use of the latest technology

Our dedicated CodeIgniter developers utilize the most up-to-date tools and the latest versions of frameworks to build your website. It enables us to build websites and web apps that are faster, flexible, secure, scalable, and visually appealing to enhance user experience and align with your needs.

Tailored Solutions

Collaborative Approach

We believe in working collaboratively to increase productivity and deploy better software products. We use only the best developers to work on your product because they can share knowledge, identify bugs and ensure code quality.

Full-Scale Expertise

Experienced developers

Our developers in the CodeIgniter web development company are proficient and have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the framework and tools. They have amazing problem-solving skills and can evaluate technical problems and proffer solutions.


On-Time delivery

Our CodeIgniter development agency completes your assigned projects within the specified time frame, which allows your product to stay on schedule and fulfill its holistic goals. We are reliable, professional, and have effective management skills. We prioritize your project to meet your expectations and deadlines.

Dedicated Team

Post-delivery Support

At Nyusoft, our developers provide post-delivery support services to ensure your websites and web apps' stability and security. We diligently monitor performance, fix bugs, deter security breaches, support channels, and provide user training sometimes for your software.

On-Time Delivery


Building your software with our CodeIgniter development agency saves you costs and generates good returns. We are devoted to efficiently developing your websites and web apps at a fair price which gives you value for your money and saves money for you.

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Why Choose Nyusoft as a CodeIgniter
Development Company?

Nyusoft is the best CodeIgniter development company, a game-changer for your website or app. Here are reasons you should employ our services;

list arrow Our developers are experts with years of experience and extensive knowledge in building your websites and web apps.
list arrow We follow simple coding norms to build robust, flexible, scalable websites and web apps to ensure they function properly.
list arrow We provide cost-saving and effective services when handling your project.
list arrow We leverage up-to-date tools and the latest frameworks to build you a high-quality website or web app.
Keyprint Security
Keyprint Security


Our CodeIgniter development portfolio displays some of our successful softwares, highlighting our expertise in CodeIgniter-based web development, shopping cart development, app development, product development, and support services.

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