Our Journey So Far

  • 2019

Augmentation of Nyusoft Family-We extended our team to 80+ members| |Footsteps leading to Prosperity-Established our presence in USA| |Enhanced our ambience- We expanded our head office

  • 2018

Proliferate and Progress-Our Nyusoft family comprised of 60+ members| |Technological Leaps-We elevated our use of React Native for Android and IOS| |A Dwelling and Shelling place for business-Many firms established their online presence in the market with the help of Nyusoft| |Protean Workforce-Nyusoft fabricated creative graphical works and animations as well

  • 2017

Fledging towards the Skies-We opened our office in Melbourne, Australia| |Upheaved our Standards-Nyusoft embarked upon IOS and Android Platforms

  • 2016

Nyusoft became a big family having team size of 50+ including Project Manager, Team Leaders, Developers, Designers, QAs, HR, Network Engineer etc. All under one roof.

  • 2015

Keeping up with the Corporates-We supplemented our skills and started working on PhoneGap, IOS and Android Apps| |Emphasized on building a Family-Nyusoft enlarged the team to 30+ members| |Elevated our Capabilities-Started working with CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. PHP Frameworks| |Catalysing Prosperity for Companies-Nyusoft developed E-Commerce outlook for many companies to elevate their business

  • 2014

With enlargement of team and customers, we started intensely working on open sources like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and shifted our Development center of the wider space in engross Business area of Ahmedabad.

  • 2013

In order to assist the customers across all eCommerce platforms, Nyusoft has started working with nopCommerce and gradually Magento and WordPress platforms. Nyusoft was qualified to One of the top rated Solution Partners with nopCommerce.

  • 2012

Commencing the Initiative-Nyusoft started with the far-sighting perspectives of Mr. Dhaval Shah and Mr. Jinal Shah in the technology of Asp.Net| |Company to a Clan to a Community-Nyusoft family was initiated with a team of 7 people