Time is money. We'll help you save both of these with Wink Hire, an innovative hiring platform for business professionals. Wink Hire helps conduct interviews with great ease, saving much valuable time. It's engine analyzes and filters relevant candidates and leaves you with the brew of perfect aspirants.


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How it Works

Post Your Job Requirements

Create a job opening in our Job Portal with a short description and specific job requirements, keep it short and simple.

Generate a list of up to 10 custom interview questions that you want applicants to answer in their submitted video interview.

Invite Candidates to Apply

Send your candidates a link to your private job listing. You are free to invite a single candidate or share the link through mass email with all potential candidates.

List your vacancy publicly on our Job Portal to allow hundreds of candidates in the region to apply for the position.

Candidates Record Their Interview

Sit back and relax. Let the candidates do their interviews while you use your time more productively. We will get in touch with you once the candidates complete their interview questions.

The applicants fill out their basic information, respond to your questions in one or multiple videos and upload these immediately to our easy-to-use platform. In case a candidate runs into trouble anyway, our support team will be ready to assist them.

Pick The Best From Our Shortlist

Our algorithm sorts through the candidates and ranks them by their compatibility with your company, based on your requirements. We create a shortlist to eliminate unfit applicants and only present you the applicants that fit the position best.

Don't waste your time looking through thousands of CVs. Instead, pick from a selected few of qualified professionals by simply watching their recorded video responses to your interview questions.



Job Portal

With Wink Hire being an employer-concentrated platform, the employer can publish their job requirements and can choose to invite preferred candidates. The candidates can use the portal to browse and apply for jobs.

Personalized Interviews

The employer can customize the whole outline of an interview by adding a time limit, allowed takes, think time, etc. to the problems. They can also set a deadline for a particular interview.


Scheduling an interview won't be a difficult task anymore as the employer can invite the candidates through email with ease.

Interview Capture

The video recording feature fulfills the platform's essence. It records the screen as well as candidates as they proceed with the interview.

Progressive Filter

Candidate can use the filter to refine out specific job listings with predefined filters like job location, required experience, gender, etc.

Question Bank

Employers can list all the critical interview questions in the form of a question bank. It is proven helpful for both parties as candidates can easily verify their answers in the questionnaire format.

Video Analysis

With the video analyzer, the recorded interview is automatically evaluated to assign a performance score to the candidate. The performance score depends on various factors of the candidate, like stress levels, facial expressions, and the time consumed for each question.


Flow Chart


User Benefits


Interview with convenience

No more going through huge lists of CVs looking for ideal candidates, instead, conduct profoundly customizable interviews online. With Wink Hire, employers can also profit from the analysis of the video record, saving them a lot of time while examining the applicant. Also, they have the ease of inviting multiple candidates at the same time.


Global Scope

Reach out to candidates all over the world efficiently as our platform is available globally. Having a global reach can also be beneficial for corporate business. Additionally, candidates can also apply for available jobs at their favorable location at any time, without worrying about the time difference.





It has been a great journey with a lot of challenges, and they have managed to overcome those challenges and deliver the project on time. I want to thank Dhaval, Prakash and the entire team for working hard and putting the extra effort.

Ahmed Aljeshi