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Teachers Australia

Find a teacher in accordance with your subject and preferences and start learning with ease. Learn from qualified teachers. Great opportunity for teachers as well to propagate education and earn well.


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About the Project

The ideal site for passionate teachers who are keen on imparting education to students. The teachers have the provision to set the tariff depending on the number of hours taught and location selected and students too can pick the teacher suitable to their time, place, subject and tariff charged. GPS tracking feature is installed considering the safety measures of students. The sessions are reviewed and evaluated by the students which improves the teachers' teaching quality levels. The sessions available are

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    In person sessions

    Students can select either their or teachers' location for sessions to be conducted. They get the details, once the booking procedure is done.

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    Online sessions

    Students can attend classes of their preferred subject through Skype or online teaching facilities with convenient time slots.

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    Group sessions

    Students can avail the details of the session held by a teacher who can tutor a group of 5 students per batch at the teacher’s location.

Features & Functionalities
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Online booking

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Time zone

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Content share

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Advance filter

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Gift learning

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Assessment Feedback

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Appreciation Note

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Support all Categories

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It helps the students to slot sessions online, offline or group. They can also choose the location and subject to be learned. Each session lasts for an hour. Calendar feature assists the student to book the tutor, showing the availability of the same.

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The prominent feature to determine the teacher’s location which commences 15 minutes before schedule and completes 15 minutes after schedule with Google live updates.This feature helps the student track the teacher on their way to their house.

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Online booking

The sessions can be booked and paid through online which connects teachers and students with ease. Conduct online video sessions through this feature on different social media platforms.

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Time zone

The sessions can be booked at any time or schedule based on the location selected by the students. Teachers Australia has a feature to sync the session timing according to the time zones of the student and the teacher.

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Content share

Teachers avail the provision to upload their books, study materials related to the subject. This feature helps the student to choose a proficient teacher, as well as get resourceful study material from the teacher.

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Advance filter

The sessions can be booked on preferences related to gender, subject, location which are convenient for students. This helps you find the tutor of your preference and your accordance.

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Gift learning

The students can be rewarded with study vouchers which can be redeemed to book sessions. With the help of this feature, one can contribute to the education of a student.

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Assessment Feedback

Teachers and students can scale the quality of teaching, conduct by rating them individually. This can further help in assessing the credibility of the tutor, as well as helps to determine the growth of the student.

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Appreciation Note

Teachers are awarded with medals in recognition of maximum teaching hours handled and the quality of teaching and students receive badges for their overall performance. This encourages the students to prosper in their studies, as well as the teachers to take their initiative further.

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The students can add money to wallet which is secured and make transactions to book sessions. With different wallets available, students can pay more easily and conveniently.

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Support all Categories

They assist much backward class, minority groups in their education, accommodation purpose. Teachers Australia’s support being available, since to encourage the impartment of education to everyone.

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Admin reviews the statistics specifications of the transactions held, revenue details, students and teachers registered. All of this is reviewed and reported for any future references.

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    The sessions allocated at a particular time displayed at different time zones to teachers and students which created disorientation. Our team efficiently reconciled the query and made the modifications required.
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    The session slot time availability in the calendar was not clear due to the chaos in time selected by the students. Our team resolved the challenge with a dynamic solution and formulated the variations.
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    The tracker implemented displayed variations in time to locate the exact place which made it difficult for the students to track the teacher’s location. Our team explicated the fluctuations in the tracker time and deployed the proper functions.
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User benefits
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    Learn with Ease

    If finding a proficient teacher for your child, commuting to the tutor's place, or the tutor's fees are one of the concerning hassles you're stuck with, then not to worry anymore. Teachers Australia does all of that for you. With the list of authorized tutors of various subjects to choose from, who'd educate you, at your ease and preference.
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    Impart, Educate and Propagate

    Provided the facility to educate students, according to your preference whether to teach at home or through video sessions. Earn well and impart your initiative of education as well through Teachers Australia.
Application Uses

Teachers Australia is the apt educational application that currently is operational in Australia who supports graduate teachers and associates the students and teachers for imparting and learning education. The hassle-free service assists to find the particular subject, location, time schedule options for both teachers and students. They coach through online which benefits the teachers and students.

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Total Sessions

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