Skilled Workman Herbal is centered around substantive contribution in recognizing fractal similitudes and contrasts of infection and equation applications. They mainly focus on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Medicines and Herbal Dispensary.

Industry: Medical/ Healthcare
About the application

This app helps the practitioners to to diagnose patients and to provide them with appropriate medicines. Practitioners answer a list of questionnaires to diagnosis the disease. The questions list continues until the proper disease is diagnosed. Once the disease diagnosed, the formula is suggested through the app and practitioner can suggest the same to the patient.


During this implementation, the primary task was to handle a large number of questionnaires and generate a formula from the symptoms entered by practitioners and an inverse formula for the disease. To meet all the requirements in finding the right formula, the team had to go through a thorough study.

Business Benifits

It is pretty much obvious in business that if we invest a penny, we must get at least more than that in return. And hence we always take very good care that our final outcome gives the maximum benefits to the client in terms of customers or traffic as well as a good amount of funds.


Practitioners can enroll themselves in terms of using the app and get the diagnosis procedure easy and rapid. This way they can serve many patients in no time.

Book Zone

App has a special book zone for the app users. There is a provision for the practitioners for purchasing the book from the app itself.